SDI Productions Ltd. was set up in 2007 as the production company part of Edinburgh College of Art’s Scottish Documentary Institute. SDI Productions has two Managing Directors, Noe Mendelle and Sonja Henrici. Between them, they combine more than 30 years of experience in broadcast production and documentary film backed by Creative Scotland (formerly Scottish Screen), Skillset, BBC, Channel 4, and many international broadcasters including STV, RTP, POV, SBS, VPRO, Arte, RAI, RTBF, CFI, TV5, France 3.

We produced The New Ten Commandments (directors include Mark Cousins, Tilda Swinton, Douglas Gordon, Irvine Welsh, Kenny Glenaan – in The Guardian’s Top Ten Films of EIFF 2008),

Now in its 11th year, we promote new talent in SDI’s award-winning Bridging the Gap series, regularly backed by  Creative Scotland.

We also housed and supported the production of Amy Hardie’s acclaimed The Edge of Dreaming.

Our latest films include international co-productions like Future My Love and I Am Breathing and exec-producing the award-winning Pablo’s Winter.

We are currently developing a slate of new projects, including David Millar Project by Finlay Pretsell, and Amy Hardie’s new film about a hospice, as well as distributing Stem Cell Revolutions and Pablo’s Winter.

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