At Scottish Documentary Institute we are dedicated to supporting fellow filmmakers and supporting your projects. If you have the passion and commitment to tell powerful stories in an innovative way then we want to help develop your idea and share the expertise and contacts we have to make that possible for you.

Throughout the year we are able to offer professional consultancies for Scottish-based filmmakers and their projects (shorts and features) in development, production or distribution. Consultants include Scottish Documentary Institute core team members as well as first rate UK based and international external advisors.

The nature of the consultancy will depend very much on your project and how we best feel we can support you at the stage you are at. It could be a one on one session offering advice on pitching or suggestions for funding opportunities, it might be that we are able to facilitate introductions to industry contacts we think will be able to help you, or a more focused collaboration between you and our Institute. Either way applying for a consultancy is a great way for you to open up a dialogue with us, gaining the support, knowledge and professionalism of practitioners.

The more we know about your project and the stage you are currently at, the better we are able to assess how we can be most helpful to you. Please complete our submission form, giving us as much detail as possible about your idea and where you are at in the development process and telling us the type of support you feel you could most benefit from.

What are the two most important things we can give you feedback on right now?
• Story development
• Synopsis & Proposal
• Full treatment
• Trailer
• Financing strategy
• Funding or forum submission
• Budgeting
• Online financing/marketing strategy
• Roughcut
• Festival strategy

Apply NOW

We will respond to all submissions with a proposal of how we may help you. Please note that it may take up to a couple of weeks from the date of submission until you hear from us.

Application and participation to the Consultancies are free but only available to Scottish-based filmmakers.

For any further question, or if you are not Scottish-based but have a project connected to Scotland, please email